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“Marissa has a profound understanding of Qi Gong and has the ability to transfer this understanding to the student.  In my opinion, Qi Gong cannot be book or YouTube learned. It requires a personal connection with someone who is versed in the practice. But as important it requires someone with quiet calm confidence that embodies the practice.  Marissa is this person.
Marissa is not someone who trumpets her skills or makes wild claims.  It is her groundedness that speaks to the quality of her practice and her ability to lead students to their own discovery of Qi.
Marissa has guided me to see my own abilities in working with the Qi.”   
Steven Epstein, USA


"I started Qigong with Marissa a month ago. I had been meditating for a few years but I still felt like I was searching for something, though I wasn’t quite sure what. In hindsight I was looking for a spiritual practice that really resonated with me. What I have learned from Marissa already in just a few sessions has been nothing short of life changing. I have learned how to physically feel, connect with, and work with energy. This was a huge revelation and opened up a whole new world to me. It is a joy to practice and it has had a very positive effect on my life. Generally, I feel more centred, happy and peaceful and more connected to the people in my life. Marissa is a wonderful teacher. She is kind, patient, open, knowledgeable and clear. She has a very calming presence that makes you feel comfortable quickly. I highly recommend working with Marissa!"

Orla, Ireland


“Although I’ve been practicing Qi Gong and Tai Chi for a few years, when I met Marissa and experienced her way of practicing, it changed everything: she gives precious tools not only for the practice of Qi Gong, but also for enhancing the quality of life.
Marissa offers a bridge to go beyond the form, to go within and sink into the present moment and breathe, touch and store the energy that is around and inside us, and that is freely available for everyone. Is it so precious and revolutionary during difficult times to have such tools.
I’m very grateful for Marissa’s generosity in sharing Qi Gong with an open heart and giving me the possibility of doing the same with others.”  
Gabriela Flores, Italy


"After years of searching and healing with great teachers on my path, I am unbelievably grateful for having met Marissa. Her deep knowledge, sensitivity, kind heart, and willingness to pass to her students everything she has makes her one of the best healers and teachers I have ever met. The way of inner alchemy she teaches has been literally life-changing for me and is still ongoing. Without a doubt I have never experienced such fast and profound transformation in such a short time. Even though training with Marissa is serious business I can wholeheartedly recommend her, from absolute beginner to very advanced practitioner – searching for freedom of heart, body, mind, and soul. The insights and energy she shares are incredibly strong and profound, while teaching tools for endless energetic explorations, healing and play. Thank you for everything." 
Dominik, Germany


"Marissa is a special soul. In a loving way she tells you exactly what you need to hear – not necessarily what you want to hear. But that’s what we need to grow: honesty. Marissa is like a coach, therapist and healer all rolled into one. 

I’ve suffered my whole life with anxiety, depression, trauma, and self loathing. I’ve tried so many different avenues and therapies. Nothing gave me real lasting change. It didn’t get to the root of my pain. After nearly 40 years I thought I was never going to get over this internal mountain, never going to get out of this constant self-hatred.

Marissa was able to show me what is possible, who I really am, and what I have to do to heal. She was able to remind me and reinforce that I have the power to heal and change and grow.

Through fairly simple exercises and changing the way I interact with myself, I think I have FINALLY got a grasp on furthering my healing and living a more positive life. It isn’t always perfect; there are dips where I fall back and wonder if I’ve made any progress. But the difference now is I am able to step back into that positive mind frame, usually within only a few days. I’ve seen real hopefully lasting change. And I know it will last … I just have to keep up my practice. That’s kind of another thing I’ve learnt: you can’t half-ass healing and feeling good. It takes work and it takes dedication, like anything else in life you really want. I’m cool with that. Take it more seriously, work a little harder. We only have one of these lives after all. That we know of …

Thanks for all you’ve done for me, Marissa – for your constant care, love and dedication, and for going well above and beyond the call of duty. I don’t know where I’d be without you."

 – Jarrod Terrell, actor/comedian (Toronto, Canada)


“In just a few classes, my spiritual practice has dramatically changed because of Marissa’s teachings. Her instructions and knowledge have allowed me to grasp a deeper, more meaningful understand of energy, my body and nature. Right after our Tree Qi Gong session, I was able to have an amazing break-through healing experience. I am grateful to her for sharing her wisdom; it has lead me to witness an immense connection with my body and mind. Her expertise on energy is one of the best in Chiang Mai!”

Su Min De León, USA


“I’ve known Marissa since I started training Chi Gong in Chiang Mai for the last 7 years. Marissa has a solid and lovable character. In the last 2 years she has been leading me privately in Chi Gong and Tai Chi classes. Marissa has years of experience in martial arts in general and Chi Gong in particular. She has excellent positive energy, acute meditative awareness and styles. She has excellent flow and connection with the natural surrounding environment. She shines a resonance on her class that benefits students. I always look forward to our sessions.” 
Jasem Qabazard, Kuwait


“I had the wonderful possibility to train and practice Qigong with Marissa. She has a great ability to explain things and patience to show the exercises. I really got deep insights for my meditations and practices. My meditation also got to a much deeper level and I full heartedly recommend Marissa as a teacher. ” 
Otti Krogerus, Finland


“Marissa is skillful in her art with much knowledge of Qigong. I find her teaching on the physical, spiritual and energetic aspects to be very clear and easy to understand. She is always happy to share as much information as she can, with no holding back.
Training Qigong with Marissa has transformed my life, and I’m definitely impressed with the benefits. Her kindness and her great sense of humour make the training a great deal of fun! I will continue training with Marissa as long as I can. Thank you Marissa.”

Werinkarn Sobsatrasorn, Thailand


“I trained with Marissa for about 10 days. During those 10 days of intense training I learned to feel and transform and let go of emotions and/or energy on the vital, astral and mental planes and fill the gaps with positive emotions.
I learned how to balance the four elements within my body and how to heal the main five organs with the healing power of my hands and Qi. Being able to really connect with trees, to tap into their energy and wisdom, was another gift of the training with Marissa.
Marissa is a wonderful, aware, sensitive, passionate, strong, experienced, skilled, and also challenging teacher. She helps and motivates you to become a better version of yourself and to spread the wisdom and teach others to do the same. She helps you to experience and feel something whose existence you might have doubted before – all of that in a very loving but professional way. 
I trained with Marissa about two months ago and have to admit that I grew immensely thanks to Qi Gong and my teacher. My inner strength recently got tested in a very intense way, and I was very proud to note how strong I had become. Learning and practicing Qi Gong (amongst other inner work) helped on this path of inner growth.
I recommend these classes to anyone who wants to experience him/herself on a deeper level, who is looking for change and true strength in their lives, who longs for those quiet meditative moments in which you move and connect with the inner self and nature: everybody who is ready to do the inner work that is necessary to bring about true change, Marissa is the right teacher for you! I am proud to be in her lineage.”

Nadja Woker, Germany

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