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My Journey

Marissa began her journey in internal arts in 2007 through the study of Baduanjin Chi Kung, Zhan Zhuang, Tuishou, and Practical Wudang Tai Chi Chuan hand and weapon forms with Sifu Rod Savvides.

This led her to meet and study internal arts with her current teachers, Sifu Mark Rasmus and Sifu Ludovic, opening the door to deep internal alchemy work – forming the foundation and focus of her practice and teachings.

Marissa has been fortunate to meet great teachers on her path. She has also studied traditional Lanna Thai Gong and Yoga healing systems with Ajarn Somphong, and most recently Han Yang Ru Yi Gong with Master Dennis Wang, and Hermetics and Kabbalah with Michael Lamb.

Marissa teaches Internal Alchemy and Qigong to help others evolve on their path – exploring the discernment, cultivation and transformation of energy in seated, standing and moving meditations for self-healing and empowerment through the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. 

She has run meditation and qigong community classes in collaboration with Buddhist Nuns at the local temple, offers private qigong healing, workshops and courses, and trains students intensively in internal arts both in person in Northern Thailand, and online.

Sifu Mark_edited.jpg

With Sifu Mark Rasmus in Chiang Mai, Thailand 2018. 


With Sifu Ludovic in Phuket, Thailand 2022. 


With Ajarn Somphong, Chiang Mai, Thailand 2017. 

Sifu Rod.jpg

With Sifu Rod Savvides, Chiang Mai, Thailand 2016. 

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