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Mobility Training


Online course with guest trainer: Peggy Heinrich
August 2022

“After 20 years of knee pain, Peggy Heinrich has freed me from this pain in one session. I walk on clouds now and I can't believe my luck!”
– Armin Alldag, Berlin

Freedom of mobility is necessary for a good quality of life. This mobility training course will provide you with a high quality foundation in body mechanics for optimal mobility and regeneration.


This training is suitable for anyone struggling to recover from long or short term injuries, dealing with pain from the body and emotions, or wanting to improve performance in any activity (including martial arts, tai chi or sports in general).  


Your mobility will be easily and effectively assessed, and you will learn how to heal faster, how to recover right and how to improve the structure of your movements.

This training is for anyone:

  • Recovering from injuries

  • Suffering from office syndrome 

  • Looking for relief from physical ailments, e.g. tension, arthritis, pain, etc. 

  • Wanting to improve performance in physical activities, e.g. sport, martial arts, etc.

  • Looking for effective and measurable healing methods 

  • Wanting to train smart and healthy 

 Benefits of this training:

  • Relief from tension, pain, ailments

  • Recovery from injuries 

  • Improvement of neurofascial structures

  • Better coordination and balance 

  • Freedom of mobility 

  • Stronger body

  • Better alignment 

  • Active regeneration 

  • Insights into body mechanics


  • Clear space for training

  • Notebook and pen

  • Openness and willingness to learn

  • Additional practice on your own


Investment: €250.00 – includes handout.

Check your currency:

Dates and times:

Every Sunday August 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th + September 4th 2022


Berlin 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. 


Check your time zone here:

Please arrive 5 minutes early, so that we can start on time. 

Duration: 90 mins

Where: Online, via Zoom



I will be available on WhatsApp and email for general assistance / support during and after the course.


If you wish to continue and deepen your learning, training, and/or recovery on an ongoing basis or intensively, please contact me directly.

About Peggy Heinrich: 

A serious traffic accident – causing a cruciate ligament tear, fractured lower leg, and numbness in my left leg and foot – led me to mobility training as an alternative to treating my injuries without the recommended conventional surgery.

A good friend and teacher taught me the proprioceptive exercises which gradually rebuilt my sensitivity and mobility. During the first months, I was not able to do a squat or stand on one leg. Even my flexibility, coordination and strength weren’t the same as before.

Some of the results from proprioceptive training showed immediately, while others took longer and required greater focus and deeper exploration of my body. Working with increased awareness has gradually become a fundamental aspect of my life and daily practice.

This intense experience of learning, feeling and healing has informed my desire to share and support others to heal their injuries and improve their mobility. 



Peggy Heinrich had her first Taiji and Qigong experience under the guidance of Dipita Schäfer in 2008. Since that day, practice is giving her energy, strengthening her physical abilities and giving her the balance she needs in life. Her love for Taiji has become her inspiration where she’s sharpening and deepening her knowledge in healing arts, movement arts and martial arts. Peggy teaches Taiji and Qigong at Berlin Kali School.  

WhatsApp: +49 175 5150555


Instagram: Kalista161


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