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Qigong with Marissa



Marissa began her journey in Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan in 2007. She studied Practical Wudang Tai Chi Chuan with Sifu Rod Savvides, before delving deeper into her practice through the study of Internal Alchemy and Qigong under Sifu Mark Rasmus and Sifu Ludovic.

Marissa teaches Internal Alchemy and Qigong practices for self healing and empowerment through the body, emotions, mind and spirit. Practices explore the cultivation and transformation of energy in seated, standing and moving meditations. 

With immense gratitude to her teachers, it is hoped that these practices will be of benefit to others on their path.

Group and 1-to-1 training and workshops are available
in person (Chiang Mai, Thailand)
and online via Zoom and WhatsApp

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“Marissa has a profound understanding of Qi Gong and has the ability to transfer this understanding to the student. In my opinion, Qi Gong cannot be book or YouTube learned. It requires a personal connection with someone who is versed in the practice. But as important it requires someone with quiet calm confidence that embodies the practice. Marissa is this person. Marissa is not someone who trumpets her skills or makes wild claims. It is her groundedness that speaks to the quality of her practice and her ability to lead students to their own discovery of Qi. Marissa has guided me to see my own abilities in working with the Qi.”
Steven Epstein, USA

“Although I’ve been practicing Qi Gong and Tai Chi for a few years, when I met Marissa and experienced her way of practicing, it changed everything: she gives precious tools not only for the practice of Qi Gong, but also for enhancing the quality of life. Marissa offers a bridge to go beyond the form, to go within and sink into the present moment and breathe, touch and store the energy that is around and inside us, and that is freely available for everyone. Is it so precious and revolutionary during difficult times to have such tools. I’m very grateful for Marissa’s generosity in sharing Qi Gong with an open heart and giving me the possibility of doing the same with others.”  
Gabriela Flores, Italy


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