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Internal Alchemy + Qigong Intensive (50 hrs)



Internal Alchemy & Qigong Intensive (50 hrs)

April 3rd – 22nd  2024
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Learn the transformational power to evolve through Internal Alchemy and Qigong:

  • Discern and transform energy

  • Heal and empower yourself

  • Apply energy work to practices and modalities

  • Connect spiritually … and more

In this intensive training course you will learn to work with the three major dantians or energy centers to feel, discern and transform energy related to our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies in a practical way.

Over 50 hours we will work through the following levels of internal energy:

  • Level 1 – Vital (physical)

  • Level 2 – Astral (emotions)

  • Level 3 – Mental (mind)

  • Level 4 – Akasha and Non-Dual White Light (spiritual)


This internal energy work will develop your feeling senses (clairsentience), strengthen mind and body,  begin a process of healing and inner transformation, deepen your awareness and connection to energy within yourself and your environment, and synchronise your energy bodies to your full potential.  

Suitable for all skill levels and paths – from absolute beginners looking for a straightforward approach to inner work, to practitioners and teachers working in energy arts such as qigong, tai chi, reiki, massage, etc. looking to deepen their skills and enrich the modalities they offer.  

Register now:

WhatsApp / Telegram: +66 62 009 6584


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